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Think. Thrive. Feel Alive.

Coach Kari

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Welcome to Alive and Well Coaching

As early as I can remember, I have been fascinated with how humans navigate life's challenges; how we learn to be resilient, and how we live to our fullest potential despite adversity.


If there is one thing I have learned, our greatest strengths, failures, and misfortunes are like the tide that continuously ebbs and flows into new opportunities to be resilient, learn, and evolve. Change is constant. By opening our minds to the complexity and opportunity, we can open our whole selves to new pathways leading to optimal well-being.

I have not been immune to stress and life challenges. My journey began when chronic stress began taking a toll on my mind and body after working 80-100 hour work weeks in a prior career in IT. After a relocation, studying for my master's degree, and having two children, my doctors diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease (Hypothyroidism) and Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol due to a genetic predisposition).

I have had the luxury of climbing the corporate career ladder; being a stay-at-home working mom, and, then, working outside of the home with a family, so I understand all of these worlds and choices. Due to financial constraints, I transitioned into a new career in Human Services as both a Parenting Coach and Early Childhood Education specialist so that I could support children and families who have experienced oppression, trauma, discrimination, and poverty. I coached parents and teachers to support children with challenging behaviors using evidence-based strategies for behavioral health, physical health, and emotional well-being. I received a foundational education on trauma, resilience, and how to move from ill-being to well-being. I would also experience secondary trauma (as many social workers, health professionals, and therapists do as a result of being exposed to clients with trauma histories). Self-care and trauma healing would become a learning endeavor. 

Fast forward to 2020, the world experienced a global trauma, the pandemic, and we experienced multiple life stressors grief, loss, and ill-being. I lost my mother to Covid-19, which put me into an emotional spiral. My health symptoms increased dramatically. My doctors told me to "diet and exercise." I joined a gym and changed my eating habits. While I was feeling better, my biological health markers were not improving. It was time for a change. As a mother who started a family late in life, I want to be around for a long time and began looking at anti-aging and longevity research as well.


I started researching "root causes" of illness and dove into "Lifestyle Medicine," "Functional Medicine" and "Integrative Health." I began my certification as an "Integrative Health Practitioner" (IHP) and worked with my Naturopathic Doctor. My biological markers have improved dramatically. I have more energy. I am free to be the person I have always wanted to be with stronger health and vitality. Through my trials, mistakes, and successes, a framework appeared and my health has been restored. Now, I am hoping to share this with others and start a Lifestyle Movement because everyone on the planet deserves to feel good, function well, and feel Alive and Well again.

"As a passionate, board-certified Health and Well-being Coach,  I understand that the best way to achieve life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to improving health, resilience and overall well-being."                                      

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National Board Certified Health and Well-Being Coach

Health - Career - Parenting - Education


I have been in a coaching and adult education role for more than 25 years. I started my career in Technology helping customers find solutions to computer networking challenges. My career grew into developing global channel partners to grow and sustain their businesses. After 14 years of working 80-100 hours a weekweeks, I noticed my stress levels were going through the roof.  I had to make some changes. At the same time, my life transitioned into starting a family and being a proud mother of two amazing humans. I went back to university and completed my M.A. degree in Human Development so I could be the best mother possible and give back to my community. Giving birth and raising two young children was a whole new experience. I became enlightened with the realization that children are our most precious resource on the planet. As I walked through life as a new parent, I began to observe how children are doing in the world and how much we, as adults, can do to create a world that is better for our children. Parenting and teaching are two of the most important, most challenging, and least supported jobs. I wanted to be a part of the solution to help every child and adult have more opportunities for optimal health, well-being and human connection.


Over the last 12 years, I have dived deep into the research on well-being and studied the most influential scientists on Positive Psychology and Human Flourishing. The research is clear, when we invest in the well-being of children, families, teachers, and employees, they thrive. When people thrive, their community thrives. No matter what background we come from, human flourishing is what we want and need to create healthy, sustainable futures. Over 72 developed nations have been focusing on citizen well-being for the last decade. It's time to shift our attention from being overworked, burned out, overburdened, and settle for ill-being. It's time to Think - Thrive - Feel Alive and maximize our well-being superpowers.

More recently, after being diagnosed with autoimmune disorders and other health complications, I embarked on a new journey to add to my knowledge and skills and am in the process of getting certified as an Integrated Health Practitioner (IHP). Once certified, I will be able to support women "carers" to improve their health and longevity using root cause analysis, functional, integrated medicine.


Today, I am deeply committed to my coaching practice overseeing the transformation process as an agent of change; implementing a whole-person or systems approach; understanding root cause analysis; assessing multiple dimensions of well-being; and using best practices in coaching individuals, groups, and organizations for optimal healthresilience and well-being. Here is a little more about my background and credentialing :


  • National Board-Certified Health and Well-Being Coach (NBC-HWC), National Board of Medical Examiners

  • Certified Happiness Practitioner (CHP), World Happiness Foundation

  • Certified Career Development Facilitator (CDF), University of Washington

  • PCI-Certified Parent Coach (TM), Seattle Pacific University and The Parent Coaching Institute 


 I am also devoted to supporting parents, grandparents, caregivers, teachers, social workers and other carers. I am certified in several evidence-based parenting (EBP) programs, including:


  • The Incredible Years Parenting Program (IY) Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Schoolage 

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) 

  • Promoting First Relationships (PFR) 

  • Triple P Positive Parenting Program (PPP) Standard and Teen

  • Strengthening Families Parenting Program 

 I look forward to working with you, your team, your school, or your community to improve health, happiness, and well-being in a strength-based, integrated, and holistic manner to sustain transformation and growth.

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